Perth South brings victory for their team: Winners of Inspire 2022 Telstra Values Award

This May, Telstra’s Inspire Awards were presented at the TBTC CoLLAB event, which kicked off in the Barossa Valley. Telstra partners are constantly bringing innovation, ambition, and positive change to the TBTC network, and these awards exist to recognise that.

The TBTC Perth South team were ecstatic to be finalists for the Telstra Values Award, so you can imagine how thrilled we were to be announced the winner. This is thanks to the combined efforts of everyone in our TBTC network, and we wanted to share the details so everyone in our community can join in our excitement.

What is the Telstra Values Award?

Telstra is on a journey to transform, succeed and grow in an ever-changing digital landscape, and their T25 strategy is the key to making this happen. Built on the back of the successful T22 strategy, the goals of T25 are fourfold: to provide exceptional customer experiences, to provide leading network and technology solutions, to create sustained growth and value for shareholders, and to be a place people want to work.

The Telstra Values underpin this strategy, showing why company values matter since they ensure everyone in the network is acting as a team that embraces the different contributions everyone brings to the table. The power of the Telstra brand comes from the strength of working together to provide top quality solutions and services to our customers, and following through what we promise to provide. This is why teamwork matters.

The Telstra Values are what makes the T25 strategy possible, and the Telstra Values Award aims to recognise TBTCs who embody these values, which are:

  • We are change makers
  • We are better together
  • We care
  • We make it simple.

How Perth South embraces the Telstra Values

These core team values are at the centre of everything we do at Perth South, and we endeavour to make this clear to everyone who walks through our doors, customer and team members alike.

We are changemakers

We think big, set ambitious goals and deliver them – for our customers, shareholders and communities. By speaking up, being curious to learn and valuing different perspectives we challenge the status quo and make change.

TBTC Perth South is always on the lookout for innovation and keeping an eye on the big picture. We encourage new ideas from our team members, and are always open to suggestions that will better our business.

We are better together

We’re one team and embrace the value each of us bring. Our (super) power lies in working together to deliver for our customers. We’re each accountable for our actions and do what we say we’re going to do.

We’re a talented group at TBTC Perth South, so using the combined skills and contributions from our team members is a no brainier. We’ve seen how teamwork improves work ethics among our staff, and this equals higher quality outputs. Making our customers happy is our number one priority, so we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen.

We care

We show care in all that we do. We do the right thing for our customers, our communities, the planet, ourselves and each other – even when no-one’s watching.

With teamwork as a core value in the workplace, we make it a point to invest in our people. This not only promotes staff engagement; it also delivers a positive result for our customers and has them happily returning to use our services. Plus, we are very supportive of our community which builds positive brand awareness and trust from our customers.

We make it simple

What we do is complex, but we always make things simple for our customers and each other. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean quick. We keep the simple, simple.

Providing good service should never be complicated. At TBTC Perth South. we make sure our customers understand exactly what we’re offering, and how it will benefit their business. Being open and honest breeds better accountability and better customer relationships, which in turn deliver results to our people and our business.

If you want to partner with a business that cares, talk to us today

Core values for a team are important when it comes to achieving a shared goal. At TBTC Perth South, our shared goal is working together to provide top quality services to small businesses in our community. We are so thrilled that our efforts have been recognised by the Telstra Values award, and we’re excited to show you how we can use our skills to help your business. Reach out today, and see how we can help.

Ready to learn more? Let’s talk.

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