How to improve mobile signal strength in office buildings

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Have you ever been on a phone call that’s dropped out just as you’ve walked inside a building? Sometimes, even in areas with good coverage, 5G, 4G, LTE and 3G signals can be weaker indoors.   

If your business relies on mobile connectivity to communicate with your customers, this can become a real problem – and it’s a common one that we see, particularly in office buildings and warehouses. 

Why does having good workplace phone coverage matter? 

Good phone reception helps your team be more productive when they collaborate and communicate with your customers. It’s often overlooked when it’s working as it should, but it’s noticeable right away when it’s not. Good coverage means:

  • Better voice call quality for professional customer service. 
  • Faster mobile uploads and downloads for a more productive workforce. 
  • Longer lasting mobile phone batteries to keep devices running. 

What causes poor signal in buildings? 

There are a few reasons you could be experiencing a weak phone signal indoors. 

The physical material of the building

Some materials can partially block signal from entering the building. Steel and concrete, in particular, tend to create a barrier to phone reception. 

Proximity to a cell tower

If your building is located a long way from a cell tower, it’s likely the reception will be weaker or inexistent. Our team helped connect a remote mine that was in this situation by installing custom microwave transmission towers. Read more about how we did it. 

Traffic on the network

When lots of phones are connecting to the network in one location, this can impact the accessibility of the signal. We see this most commonly in office buildings based in built-up areas.  

How to improve phone signal indoors

Looking for some strategies to improve reception in your workplace? Here are some things you can try. 

Check that Wi-Fi calling is enabled on your devices

Most new devices allow voice calling over Wi-Fi, letting you lean on your Wi-Fi network to improve your voice call quality. 

Upgrade your phones

If you find that some phones seem to connect to the network with no trouble, while others struggle, it may be time to upgrade your phones. Newer phones tend to have upgraded technology that can better access reception than older models. We can help you identify if upgrading your hardware could improve connectivity. 

Install network extension devices

Network extension devices pick up mobile signal and rebroadcast it, maximising coverage to give you clearer voice, reduce your drop-outs, and improve the battery life of your devices. 

How does TBTC Perth South improve coverage inside buildings? 

At TBTC Perth South, we help local businesses maximise their connectivity so that they can provide a reliable, professional service to their customers. 

There’s no one-size-fits all solution for in-building connectivity. Things like the size of the space, the number of people connecting, and the building materials all factor in. 

When we first meet, we’ll ask questions to understand your connectivity needs – and importantly, how your business connectivity enables you to serve your customers. From there, we’ll make tailored recommendations to get your workforce collaborating and communicating on a more reliable connection. 

[H2] Let’s get connectingAt TBTC Perth South, we’ve been working with local businesses for over 15 years. If you are experiencing poor phone reception in your office or warehouse, we know how to help you get it sorted. Contact us today for a connectivity consultation.

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