How to help optimise your vehicle fleet

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Pair an increase in efficiency and productivity with an increase in vehicle and driver safety – this is the reality of how fleet management technology can help. This kind of technology has revolutionised the way businesses strategise and coordinate their workforce, thanks to telematics – the long-distance transmission of computerised information. 

If your business has company vehicles, keeping track of safety, maintenance and costs is a key part in helping improve business processes and overall productivity.

What is fleet management?  

So, what actually is fleet management? Fleet management technology can help you maintain visibility over your assets and workforce, make informed decisions around resourcing, or improve safety measures. At TBTC Perth South, we help businesses access these benefits with fleet management solutions like Fleet Complete and MTData. 

Key benefits of fleet management systems 

Fleet management technology can help businesses enhance their operations in a number of key areas. 

1. Live tracking and visibility  

For businesses that rely on vehicles for things like deliveries or to complete work on site, GPS vehicle tracking software helps provide a deeper understanding of what’s going on out in the field. With clearer visibility over vehicle location, job status, and estimated arrival and delivery times, businesses can track their fleet and redirect vehicles when necessary. 

Features like automated task tracking also mean managers can send activities to mobile workers based on geographical location and workload, and help keep track of all completed or pending assignments. This means businesses can help reduce the need for manual back and forth between managers and drivers.  

2. Proactive vehicle maintenance    

When vehicle maintenance and lifecycles are managed reactively, it can often be the area that puts the heaviest strain on a business’ finances. To navigate this, fleet management technology provides everything you may need to help create a preventative maintenance calendar for your fleet. Reports often include information to help quickly detect engine issues, prevent unnecessary wear and tear, reduce fuel usage as well as vehicle inspection reporting so that drivers can log minor and major defects as they arise – helping you manage maintenance costs. 

3. Improve driver safety and compliance 

With speed often being a core factor in the significant number of accidents each year, driver performance and behaviour is a key focus for fleet management systems. These systems can produce near real-time alerts and notifications around dangerous driving habits. Certain systems also help provide fleet performance reports and driver scorecards so you can identify areas of improvement for your drivers and reward those who are performing well. By keeping track of your drivers, businesses can be more accountable for monitoring, addressing and ultimately helping reduce instances of dangerous driving. 

4. Reduce operation costs and improve efficiencies 

Increased efficiency can arguably be one of the biggest benefits of fleet management technology. Advanced software analytics turns raw data into actionable insights. Detailed reports can be shared to give team members the opportunity to look at any reoccurring trends and understand where improvements can be made to help streamline processes and reduce costs.    

5. More streamlined customer service 

Using fleet management software, fleet managers can help simplify bookings and appointment reminders, utilising live tracking to help locate the nearest driver for optimal dispatch, providing customers with more accurate arrivals times or of any unexpected delays. Customers can also benefit from confirmation of appointments and reminders shortly before delivery, as well as proof of service once the job has been completed. 

How TBTC Perth South can help optimise your fleet

Ready to find a fleet management solution that helps enhance your business’ operation efficiencies? Our technology advisors take a consultative approach, working side by side with you to understand your business’ needs to help find a solution to fit. Let’s get solving – talk to us today.  

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