How backing up your business data now could save you time and money later

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Regardless of size, all business can fall victim to system crashes or security breaches. Whether your business falls victim to a phishing email or your premises suffers damage from a storm, it’s important to have the right processes in place to recover data quickly and get operations up and running again. 

One simple, effective way to safeguard your business now to protect it in the future, is by backing up your important business data.      

What is data backup and recovery?

The purpose of a backup is to help ensure that a copy of your data is stored on a secure, separate device or platform in the event that the data is lost. Today, one of the best ways to store data is in the cloud. 

Businesses depend on data, whether it be sensitive client information, working files, employee details, or financial records – in the event that data is lost, it should be backed up and easily recoverable. Backed-up copies allow data to be restored from a point in time to help businesses recover from unplanned, sudden incidents. When backups occur frequently, less data is lost. 

Data backup is important for all businesses, not just the big ones

Whatever your business size or business needs, there can be a range of data protection solutions available. It’s important to find a solution that’s right for you. 

One of these solutions is Telstra Data Protect: an advanced data backup technology that hosts your information in the cloud, helping you defend and reinforce your data in real time. In the event that data is lost, cloud-based backup can help you recover faster, so you can get back to business quicker.  

Why back up your important business data?

At TBTC Perth South, we’ve had plenty of first-hand experience in helping businesses prepare, protect against, and recover from attacks, breaches or system failures. 

Here are our top reasons why backup solutions are an integral part of protecting your business:      

Peace of mind 

With the growing prevalence of cyber scams, it’s becoming a matter of when, not if, an attack is likely to occur. Having a data protection solution in place means that information can be automatically backed up to the cloud at regular intervals, so you can get on with business having peace of mind that your data is safe.   

With ransomware detection and real-time protection, as well as inbuilt data recovery for damage control, solutions like Telstra Data Protect can also help foresee cyber-attacks before they hit.

Quick access to files  

Arguably one of the most important benefits of cloud backups is the ease in which you can retrieve files and information. Files can be accessed in seconds – not to mention that cloud storage systems can allow you to access data from any location with an internet connection. 

Protection against power outages 

Sometimes, your computer can incur damage that’s out of your control. Whether it’s an extreme storm or a random blackout, power outages have the potential to demolish the hard drive of your computer. Regularly backing up your computer, or connecting to a cloud-based backup system can safeguard your data, so you don’t have to worry about power issues which could result in data loss. 

Reduced physical hardware costs 

When you opt for cloud-based solutions, it can mitigate the cost of physical hardware needed for on-premises backup systems, helping to reduce upfront investment costs and clutter in your physical office space. 

How TBTC Perth South can make data backup simple 

At TBTC Perth South, our security advisors will work with you to help understand your business and make tailored recommendations. We’ll ask questions like the type of information you store, the number of devices you have, and the number of old and current working files you have. Let’s get protecting – talk to us today.

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