Let’s get securing your business’ moving assets

Telstra Track and Monitor is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution, giving you visibility over your moving business assets. Telstra Track and Monitor devices work by using Wi-Fi, Cat-M1/LTE-M, Bluetooth, or GPS to keep track of your valuable assets, helping you save on replacement equipment.

Over time, the cost of lost business assets can add up and have a significant impact on your bottom line. From large mobile assets like trailers and caravans, to small, easy-to-misplace items like office keys or bags, start reducing costs and improving efficiency with Telstra Track and Monitor.

Real-world IoT Applications

From tracking the status of deliveries to improve customer experience, to finding the location of hired-out equipment, the applications of Telstra Track and Monitor are far reaching. At TBTC Perth South, we help businesses identify and implement Track and Monitor systems that have a real return on investment – through improved customer service, reduced costs, or both.

Key features